Status update: Rocket Punch

It’s coming up on 9 months since I realised that my life wasn’t really going in the direction I wanted it to, quit my job, sold my flat, and slowly started working on this game I’d been going on about for years.
It’s been a while without an update, if you follow me on twitter you’ll have seen screenshots and a gif here and there but I guess now is about time for a real run down on what’s going on.

So I moved back to my parents place for a while, got a part time job to pay the bills, and spent the next few months building the basic structure of the game – one of those old faux-3d things you’d see in the 90’s in games like Space Harrier, Outrun, Chase H.Q, and Road Rash.
Sega used to call the arcade boards Super Scaler games, it’s a nice way of producing a 3d effect that can run on piss poor hardware – there were even Game Boy games that used the technique.
It’s a big nostalgia thing for me, I grew up playing these type of games on my Mega Drive, but also it lets me make something with a good sense of motion and speed without needing to rely on someone to make 3d assets for the game. A perfect fit with my requirements.

After getting the super scaler style movement up and running I got all of the basic gameplay elements together, it’s made so that you have to imitate old TV depictions of video games, waving your controller around and mashing buttons to guide your rocket powered fist to punch things in the face as they come at you, it’s simple, but it should allow for a lot of variation and weirdness on the sides.
There’s also.. well.. a bit more to it than that. But I really wouldn’t want to spoil the big surprise now would I?

holy shit!

So with the basics in place I applied to Sony with the game (now called Rocket Punch), and kinda shockingly to me they’re okay with me putting this weird little thing out on PS4. That means that my biggest block is out of the way, and even if I don’t get a publisher lined up then the game will still come out, the time spent developing won’t be completely wasted and I’ll have something to show for the risk I took to do all this.. Whatever I end up doing next..

So after getting approval to bring the Rocket Punch to PlayStation, my next milestone is getting the game ready to take to publishers. That means getting those secret additional mechanics I alluded to finished, a few demo levels polished up, my devkit ordered and the real motion controls implemented, get it running on Sony hardware and then we’re good to go.
With business stuff to deal with at the same time that puts me maybe two months away.
I’ve just moved house and have more of a real work space now, and the Christmas rush at my part time gig is over, so I’m pretty hopeful that I can meet that target.

So I suppose that’s going to leave me a little quiet until I can show it off running on real hardware, then hopefully I’ll be able to take it on the road and let you all start playing the thing!

The current count