A fresh start

On Friday I left my job on an IT graduate scheme at an airline, there’s a bunch of not so great reasons that I left but those aren’t important now, the main focus from here on out is doing the thing that makes me happy.

To that end I’m going to put all my effort into making a game. It’s been my biggest passion for years now and if I don’t make a go of it I know I’ll regret it, and hey maybe I’ll even make enough money doing it to make the next game, but if not then at least I have a portfolio piece to use going forward in a ‘real job’.
I’ll pick up a part-time job to support myself, and maybe do a little bit of volunteering. But without the pressure of a full-time job, and having moved somewhere a little less hectic (oh also I’m moving in a few weeks) I should be able to put something substantial together inside the next year.

A couple of years ago when I was putting out games semi-regularly I mentioned in an interview with Owen Good for Polygon an idea I had for a game I was working on: you know when you see someone on TV “playing” a video game, waving the controller around uncontrollably, furiously mashing away at buttons? I wanted to make that game, tracking the light bar on the PlayStation 4 controller to force the player to act out “acting” playing a game.

I spent some time working out what that would look like, and in various iterations that took the form of a music rhythm game, a Dreamcast-era Arcade style game, and even a clone of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!
Eventually I found a gameplay style that worked, at a scale that made sense, and most importantly for me, in a style which will allow me to work independently, not being blocked from working because of waiting for someone else. If I need it, I will be able to complete 100% of the project solo, code, art and music (fingers crossed it won’t come to that, but I need to have the option).

I’ll be ready to talk more about the game in a little while, it’ll take me a little time to sort things out in my life here, sell my flat and move, before I can get to work full time, but starting Monday I’ll be treating game development as my job, and hopefully you’ll get to join me in making something weird and fun.